Lobna Ben Ammar has accumulated many competences and diplomas throughout her career and is still learning nowadays. She graduated with many degrees in the make -up and beauty industry, she studied biology and deepened her knowledge on cosmetics and skincare . Founded and formed her own teams at her two luxurious beauty centers in Tunisia, became a professional make-up artist and a strong CEO of her businesses. Her learning appetite not satisfied, she graduated in fashion styling, and creative art direction with a master’s degree. Nevertheless, she is a notorious Influencer, a fashion consulter and a fashion editor “en devenir”. She is opening her online magazine and image consulting agency in Paris .

Fashion Editor

Lobna Ben Ammar supervises the process of creating, developing and presenting fashion content for the large number of her followers …

The work of a fashion editor can be quite varied and may hold several responsibilities. Typical work includes supervising other editors and writers, writing or editing articles themselves, formulating and styling fashion photo shoots, choosing photos for publication, choosing fashion items and trends for publication, researching trends in the fashion industry and networking with industry professionals including photographers, designers and public relations professionals.

Makeup Artist

20 Years of experience as a professional MakeUp Artist

Image Consultant

Certified Image Consultant

Fashion Editor

Selected as muse of high end Fashion Labels

Art Director

Creative Director of her own brand “Lobna Ben Ammar”

Manager & Creative Director

Maison Lobna Ben Ammar


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